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The 1910 Inn

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School Girls of 80 years ago...

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM
Once upon a time more than 80 years ago in Michigan two sisters, Harriette and Jeannette, would walk home from high school each day.  During their walk home they would pass a general mercantile store with a lovely display of fine china.  One day a floral pattern of pinks and greens caught their eye.  It was quite "modern" for its time.  They window shopped and day dreamed all school year about that fine china pattern, future husbands, and future years of dinner parties together.  After that year of school the sisters began to buy each other pieces of that pink and green  set of china.  Plate by plate, cup by cup, and saucer by saucer the sisters purchased a complete set of the "modern" china for them to share.  As the years went by, the set continued to grow.  Platters, serving bowls, a creamer and a sugar bowl were added to the set.  And during those years, their families grew, holidays were celebrated, and meals were enjoyed on their lovely set of china that was first designed in 1908.  Now, close your eyes and imagine Harriette and Jeannette walking home from school.   Imagine their sweet smiles and cheerful giggles as they planned their futures.  Such a sweet picture of two sisters once upon a time.  During January 2013 Daughter Sue has brought her Mama Harriette's set of china to live at The 1910 Inn.   Mama Harriette's handwritten note tells the story of how the dishes came to be hers and Jeannette's.  Come see Mama Harriette's beautiful note and the "modern" china from decades ago.  The teenage daydream of two sweet sisters, Harriette and Jeannette, will always endure at The 1910 Inn. 

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