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The 1910 Inn

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A 'Stranger' Brings A 'Rose' To The Inn

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 4:58 PM
Life is not to be fully understood by us...
The 1910 Inn continues to draw in bearers of life lessons and profound experiences.
A 'Stranger' called and wanted a specific room at the inn for her friend's visit to Tarpon Springs.  At arrival the delicate 'Stranger' carefully climbed the grand staircase to see the bedroom, and she sweetly smiled her approval.
At breakfast her friend explained it would be a last visit between the dear friends.  The young daughter of the 'Stranger' arrived at the inn during breakfast to take the dear family friend to her mother, and she inquired, "Do you know a Mary?  She is my good friend at school."  "Yes, I know Mary...she is my daughter". 
I made the connection later.  Throughout the school year Mary had occasionally mentioned, "My friend Rose's mother is very sick."
Just two weeks elapsed, as the friend of the 'Stranger' said they would.  Again, friends of the 'Stranger' needed rooms at the inn.  It would be for a different type of final visit.
The service was beautiful, peaceful, calm.  Sweet Rose was strong.  Mary hugged Rose and stayed by her side.  They nervously smiled, quietly talked, and nervously quietly laughed.  Both teens are wise beyond their years and fully understand the magnitude of the event Rose faces in her life.
More weeks have passed.  Rose has been pulled into the gathering of Mary's sisters.  Rose is strong.  Without knowing it would happen..or maybe she DID know...the 'Stranger' brought a Rose to the inn.
It feels as if the 'Stranger' is a 'Friend'.  Rest in Peace, Dear Susan.

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